Get Mobile- The Final Chapter

      In 15th of December, 2016 I attending the last session for seminar in DICE module it was about “Get Mobile”, where they talked about E-commerce (electronic commerce) and M-commerce (mobile commerce). I really found this seminar very interesting to me, because it shows how much technology changed people/ organizations right now. In this blog post,I will briefly start by introducing E-commerce. Moreover, I will talk about M-commerce, why is it important, how it impacts companies in the present time and finally what expected for m-commerce in the future.


Over the past years, the development in technology and the internet had led to positive changes in commerce and made it shift from using the traditional way in selling and buying to use an E-commerce. E-commerce means buying or selling goods or services through the internet and by using the network. it has many forms of interactions such as: interaction between business to business(B2B), interaction between business to customers (B2C), or interaction between customers to customers (C2C).


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Which means that E-commerce is currently the new way to shop, where people can order what they want online. In my opinion, I believe that it helps companies to reach to more customers and reduce its costs (i.e. they would not have to pay rent and they will reduce the number of staff). In addition, I believe that E-commerce it can be one of the biggest motive to establish a company, where it will have a higher probability to succeed compared to the other startup companies in the past.  The video below illustrates the E-commerce and it types as they have been mentioned above:


After the succeed of E-commerce, it continued to develop until we got the next generation of E-commerce which is m-commerce. m-commerce means using a wireless handheld device to buy and sell goods s or services in the internet. To know more read:   

What makes M-commerce important nowadays?

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In this seminar Dr. Doua’A. Nassar, which she is a professor in faculty of computer and information science at Princess Nourah university (PNU) stated the main benefits of using M-commerce and they are:

  • Having an easy access to use the internet.
  • having more interacting between the buyers and the sellers.
  • More private and less risk to spread the personal information.

I really admired how much Dr. Doua was passionate about talking and tried her best to make everyone in the hall pay attention to her speech by kept asking questions and make the student interact with her. However, what shocked me was me she mentioned that android system has more features and characteristics than IOS system. On the other hand, the majority of the people still using IOS system because they can trust it more and it has less risk to leak their personal information.

Furthermore, I liked when she emphasizes the importance of satisfaction and trust by saying “we need satisfaction and trust to gain customers loyalty” which is something I totally agree with, since customers’ satisfaction can impact negatively or positively on any company performance.

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Following that, Mr. Colm Dwyer who works as a head of sales at Microsoft in Ireland, talked as well about mobile and it importance and how it changed over the years. He stated that this industry is kept on rapidly changing, since it is in an extremely competitive market.  What I learned from his speech was that innovating, creating and researching plays a big part to maintain being in the top of the market. Additionally, form my point of view I definitely thinks it is important, because many companies in the past had bankrupt and close down due to shortage in innovative and creativity. There were many great companies who fall in that situation such as: Xerox, Yahoo, MySpace, Blockbuster, and Kodak. 



Moreover, he introduced Lumia which was a new phone that Microsoft provided to customers where it combines the features of the phone and the desktop/laptop. He stated that this phone is more productive than the other phones since windows 10 will be its system. I was extremely impressed, when I discovered that widows 10 has more than 110 millions updates and it is available in more than 193 countries all around the world. Thus, is it a major sing that Microsoft company is extremely interested in being up-to-date with providing the best/ latest technology.    

How is M-commerce going to change in the future?

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The continuous development and improvement in the mobile commerce industry are going to increase. According to Forrester website, it demonstrated that the annual mobile commerce sales are expected to increase in the next four years (from 2017 until 2020). the graph below (figure 1) shows that it is predicted to increase up to $119 billion in 2017, then it will raise again to $138 billion in 2018. Following that, there will be a boost the M-commerce sales in 2019 to reach $156 billion and then it also expected to raise to $173 billion in the year 2020. I truly do think that in the future M-commerce it will become an essential part in our live, because it will make life more effective and efficient. Thus, people will be able to do many things online instead of doing them physically for example: doing online banking, doing online shopping, having online jobs and many others.

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To conclude, M-commerce is showed to be the next generation of E-commerce. Thus, every company should consider to have M-commerce as an essential part in their business, so they can meet the customers’ needs and wants. lastly, it was really sad to finish this module, however I know that I gained so much new information and knowledge and that what makes me feel better. 

Goodbye …Dalal Alazmi/ BSIF/ 14111969


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