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Digital Marketing

     Over the years, businesses has raised their interest to develop and improve their marketing department, due to their significant role from a different aspects such as: helping to build a better business’s brand, promoting for products or services, having a stronger relationship with the customers, and many other reasons (, 2016). Furthermore, with time keep on changing a new ways to market for products or services has been created like digital marketing. In this post I will be focusing on digital marketing and the benefits of it in business and lastly giving a real live example of a company who used it and another who did not.


According to Statistical Analysis System (SAS) website, which defines the digital marketing as the following:

“Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media and differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – typically in real time.”

In this definition I understood how digital marketing took marketing into a new level from being paper based to electronic. In addition, it helped in expanding and presenting the business through the modern media. From my point of view, I believe that digital marketing can be sometimes an essential part in a business especially, if it was a startup company on limited budget.

The Different between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing:

The table (1.1) below shows how much digital marketing differentiate from the traditional marketing. To know more about digital marketing and how is it important please visit this video.

Some Advantages of Having Digital Marketing Instead of Traditional Marketing:


1.      Consume less money and time: in 2015 it was published in Webs website that small businesses has saved 40% of money by using digital marketing (Zaucha, 2015).
2.      Increase the level of sales: since the advertisements can reach a larger number of people.
3.      It allows to communicate more effectively with customers: where a firm can get a feedback and interact with consumers in a short period of time.
4.      By using digital marketing, the return on investment (IOR) will increase: it was also published trough Webs website that it raises IOR by 300% in small businesses.
Table (1.1)


Digital marketing and examples in a real live:

I will be also able in this post to give an example of two companies in Saudi Arabian, where the first one did not use digital marketing and the other one did. Moreover, it will be based on my personal experience that I have from attending the “guest speaker lecture” that was in week seven:

  • logohaya1Haya Tours

Haya tours is a company that worked in the tourism industry in Saudi Arabian and it owned my Ms. Salwa Al Qunaibit. This company has started in 2009 after Ms. Salwa retired from her job and wanted to invest her time in something useful. This company has caught my attention, when Ms. Salwa mentioned that she was the first female that applied to be a tour guide.

“We did not use the traditional marketing like printing and other things in the beginning of the business” said, Ms. Salwa, where she explained it would be very costly to do so. In addition, she stated that her business do not have a marketing department due to their small budget. Which is something I totally disagree with, and perhaps that can be the main reason why the number of customers has decreased in 2015. Moreover, from what I learned I know that setting-up a marketing department can help you to analysis what the customer needs and wants which is what I believe the company should focus more on that section.

  • Vanilla store

Vanilla is an online shop that sells products, which also include a handmade products. The store created based on an idea in forum and then developed and improved until it become a real company with more than 50 employees. In addition, this type of business called E-commerce, which means that the business activities are happening on online. Ms. Mashael AlDraiaan is the head of marketing department in this company. She graduated from king Saud University (KSU) with a bachelor degree in English literature in 2011 and also master degree in New Media in 2015.

Ms. Mashael spoken about Vanilla store and how they used a different approaches to get to what they are now such as: sending E-mails and SMS to consumers, focusing on advertisement in Instagram, using influencers to advertise for their products, and use cross marketing (i.e. it happens when two businesses promoted for each other). For me, what I liked the most is when Ms. Mashael talked about how they used data they gathered from customers to improve their business. As a result, it shows how not only a multinational companies used big data to made changes in their business but also local companies can analysis the data as well. Also what I learned that Vanilla did a research to choose the best appropriate digital market to concentrate more about their target audience which they are young girls in Saudi Arabian.


This post shows how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing with given examples to support that. In addition, it summarized the main points that has been made in the guest speaker event.

Further reading:


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